Some of the most commonly asked questions by customers of Cake Story

How long will cakes last?

Cakes will stay fresh up to 4 days after delivery once they are stored in a safe place, away from direct sunlight in a cool room. Please don’t refrigerate.

Do you do gluten free cakes?

Yes, we create yummy gluten free cakes.  Please note our gluten free cakes are suitable for individuals with intolerances or choose not to include gluten in their diets. However, the cakes are baked in a kitchen where gluten is present so we cannot guarantee that they are 100% gluten free.

Can you help with ideas for my cake?

Yes, most of our customers really rely on us to come up with a custom design for the cake. All we need is to know a little about the person or occasion the cake is for and we can give you several options.

How do you make those cake figures?

All our cake figures are created in sugar paste and edible food colouring. Using sugar paste means means we can create much more detailed figures than would be possible using other methods, e.g. like Fimo Clay. However, this means they are also more delicate. Handled correctly, a topper could last for years and we can provide instructions on how to do so, but our experience is most don’t last until the end of the party!

Do you do wedding cakes?

Yes, we do beautiful wedding cakes and cake toppers and are currently in the process of setting up and launching Wedding Cake Story. If you would like to discuss a wedding cake or topper, please feel free to contact us.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver anywhere in Cork and Limerick. If you are from another part of the country, we will do our best to accommodate your request.